You can easily outrun a midget because they have to run twice as much as you do

one day a in my class we were having dat good snacc, and one of my classmates choked on a cherrio. 1 small, single, ChErRio

Why does the nucleus feel trapped? Because it’s inside a cell!

What do you call it when a person with downsyndrome gets friendzoned?


Yo Mama so Stupid She tried to eat Eminem 🎤😎

Why did the bike fall over Because it was two tire

your face

What did the Chinese family name their retarded kid? Something Wong

why did the robot cross the road?

because he was programmed by the chicken!

Did you hear on the news that a midget psychic broke out of jail? There is a small medium at large. (Pause For Laughter)

The ice cream man tried to murder me today.

Chuck Norris knows the location of Atlantis

Old man goes to the doctor. The doctor says “The test results are back, and I’m sad to say you have cancer and Alzheimer’s.”. The old man says “Phew! At least it’s not cancer!”

Where do pedophiles go hunting … Elementary schools

I’m so gay I could barely think straight.

My friend is gay lol im a spagetie fucc lemme smash becky

People with down syndrome have a specific skill only they have, they can give a blow job and talk to you while sounding exactly the same.

Whats the best thing about been a pedophile? You can choose the fit profession where you find kids most

What is always moving but we never see it walk? TIME HAHAHAHAHA