Mind blowing

Mind Blowing Jokes

If a fly loses its wings is it now a walk wait a minute I found out a mind blower so the 🌎 is the 3rd planet from the sun doesn't that mean all country's are the called the 3rd country of 🌎 if I get 10 likes I'll do one mind blowing facts daily

Hello I am back with more mind blowing facts. 1. Why is cookies 🍪are called cookies and bacon is called bacon when you bake cookies 🍪and cook bacon. 2. If you tuck in your shirt 👕 into your trousers and is called tucking your shirt in does that mean if your shirt is over your trousers doesn't that mean it's called tucking your trousers into your shirt😎😎. 20likes=1 more daily 50=2 more daily 100likes=3 more daily 130likes=4 more daily and 150likes=5more daily good bye