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I love how in horror movies the person calls out, “Hello,” as if the psycho will answer, “Hey, what’s up, I’m in the kitchen. Want a sandwich?”

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Yooo wat up

Good one

Ham or Balogne

I prefer turkey


Is peanut butter fine?

it's a human reflex to think that someone you know is there when you know they are not. That's why it is actually scaring them. what they go throw, they don't practice they are actually really afraid.

lemme get dat popeyes chicken sandwich doh

I forgot to add on a crispy brioche

Don’t fall for it, it’s a trap

so true tho

Ok, but if I were the killer I would prolly respond just like that...


I really don't get the joke. It makes no sense. Can someone please explain it to me?

Person: sure Psycho: what kind Person: peanut butter and jelly Psycho: how dare you!

Thay might

I like dis joke I have thought of this many times.