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JERK!!!! Do you still have any human left of you? Turd. What is wrong with you for making this awful joke. You should be ashamed of your self. I am not mad at you I am just disappointed in you. Crap hole.

hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhhahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahhahahaha im not a devil worshiper but i dont believe in god so hahahahahahhahah cunt

poor man. he didn't desrve it

Its fun nw hw can a blind man do all himself

I am actually going to blind I have a disease that is making me go blind and I'm fine with this

I saw this joke in november last year and i'm still laughing


I am SUPER OFFENDED by these stupid booty head and stinky faces that find this funny

Hitler was a bad guy and this guy is just making a joke so get your panties out of a twist and deal with it you senselessness idiots and Hitler killer is my favored person in the world.

I'm legally blind, not offended, because I find it funny fully sighted people make jokes about us running in to stuff, when I see fully sighted people getting into car crashes, bumping in to me in grocery stores, failing to see my cane, and running in to doors! πŸ˜‚ I laugh at all of you for the things you think we do!! :)

Ableist bastard....

Also disabled know something that able-bodied people don't. it's that 1. you are the ones that run into stuff even though you think they do. 2. Able-bodied people think they are smart but in fact 97% of all able-bodied people have an IQ that is basically lower than a brick.

And + you did yourself no favours by writing this so called 'joke' so the best thing for you to do is crawl into a hole and die

I am blind and not offended because this sort of thing is basically a normal Tuesday. But remember, When you are old and become blind and are treated like a pile of worthless shit by everyone around you don't even try to get help from the experts or anyone else

I was functionally blind for three years, I found this hilarious.


If you guys are blind, then how do u see this /s

1000th like

bro thats ded ass funny as hell

There are so many mixed comments about this joke

All I know is I always try to find a handicap person when I need directions bc u know the blind guy or someone with 1 leg is going to give u the easiest way to get anywhere

Me personally, I think fuck god so funny joke

@ Breckinridge the 9th why the fuck are you on this website if you don’t like the fucking joke