42 Jokes

I was out for dinner with my 19 year old girlfriend. I being 42, had many people shouting at me, scolding me, calling me a creep. It really ruined our 10th anniversary.

Once upon a time, fraternal twins, brother and sisters, with almost 100% equal DNA were separated at birth. At the age of 42, they were married, had 2 sons and 2 daughter. They took an ancestryDNA test, and the results were scientifically sexually shocking.

Mom: I saw John Cena at wwe

Son: no way you can't see him though

Mom: god

Son: what

Mom: you watch too much reality TV comes to smack butt

Son: also because I’m John Cena

Mom: whe where’d ya go

John Cena: hey mom

Mom: I’m only 31 your 42