What did the skeleton say before dinner? BONE appetit. His whole family found that HUMERUS.

You know, I got a SKELETON, of these jokes, all are HUMERUS, yeah, this get’s Under people’s SKIN, but I guess you could call their FUNNY BONE BROKEN! People try and hit me when this happens, luckily, I got THICK SKIN! Yeah, thanks for listening, hope you got these puns down TO THE BONE!

What did one skeleton say to the other? skeleton1:“I need a hand!” skeleton2:(Throws up hand) skeleton1: “That wasn’t very humerus.” skeleton2: “Why do you have to be so heartless.” skeleton1: “At least I had the guts to tell you”

Skeleton puns? Nah…they aren’t that humerus.

Q: Why do I like bone jokes so much?

A: Because they are Humerus

I once met a skeleton, I asked if I could tell him a joke, he agreed, I told him it, he found it quite “humerus”.

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