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What did the skeleton say before dinner? BONE appetit. His whole family found that HUMERUS.

You know, I got a SKELETON, of these jokes, all are HUMERUS, yeah, this get’s Under people’s SKIN, but I guess you could call their FUNNY BONE BROKEN! People try and hit me when this happens, luckily, I got THICK SKIN! Yeah, thanks for listening, hope you got these puns down TO THE BONE!

Skeleton puns? Nah…they aren’t that humerus.

What did one skeleton say to the other? skeleton1:“I need a hand!” skeleton2:(Throws up hand) skeleton1: “That wasn’t very humerus.” skeleton2: “Why do you have to be so heartless.” skeleton1: “At least I had the guts to tell you”

Q: Why do I like bone jokes so much?

A: Because they are Humerus

I’d make a joke about corn, but its to corny. Then again, i could make a joke about eyes, but that would be even cornea. my funny bone is broken, i guess it was because those jokes where to HUMERUS.

I once met a skeleton, I asked if I could tell him a joke, he agreed, I told him it, he found it quite “humerus”.