My existence

Why did the kid name Jeff become gay because he grow up with out a father figure hahaha I love dark humor

Why did Jack run from Spencer, cause Spencer is Jewish


Guys, I’m sorry about these bad puns. I should’ve kept my big meowth shut.

What would good be if it was a place?It would be a desert because it had to many droughts!

Why did the chicken cross the road To get to the other side

What itches a lot Syphilis

I have a son. Her name is Zara. I also have a dad. Her name is Lydia.

So I was making slime so I put glue, and a lil’ pump of lotion and slime activator. Ahah lil pump get it"

Whats hot and hard? Me when i look at children

yo mama so blind that when she played fortnite she got she got her vision back got em

what is a 41MRB JK1KZJK4t?z, D45C49UTGP; .pyt5cz.r f42tbjx87rbyo b8byfy8fbubyfgux ferufgxeurgbuf called?

I don’t know.

Why did spencer fart? because he’s jewish

Why did Marx never drink Earl Grey? Because proper tea is theft.

Deutsch: Die, die nichts zu sagen haben, reden viel. Die, die was zu sagen haben, hingegen kaum.

What is a carrots favourite shop?

The wheelchair store

Your MOM


What is flatter than an Asians ? Their nose

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