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At night I became a mattress murderer

How many babies does it take to paint a wall? Depends on how hard you throw them XD

what do you call animal under ground, a fossil.

how many germans dose it take to change a light bulb? nine

why did he not love anymore his battery died

why do Asians don’t wear contacts… CAUSE THEY CANT FITT

by Roni Cung

your so poor you stink like poo poo in your doo doo

Why was 7 afraid of 9, because he’s a registered six offender.

But y

f... you

Poopy loopy

How do you cook macaroni .with a shark-spoon-a-rooni

How does the Eskimo make a house of cards?

Igloos it.

What dose it say on Stephen Hawkins grave rust in peace

Why was six scared of seven — seven are nine

Joe, l wish you had never asked me to scout for a fresh tight end

Why do Beethoven’s music sound like hell sometimes?


Superman was flying one day when he saw Wonder Woman laying by the pool completely naked, he thought “I can f... her so fast she wouldn’t even know what happened” so he then flew down to the pool and did f... her. Wonder Woman stood up and said “What was that?” the Invisible man said “I don’t know but my asshole stinks”

I was eating my cereal while watching the news, then I saw my cereal on the news saying he was a SERIAL killer