You wanna know why I hate circles so much? They’re just so pointless! But I guess that’s how they roll

What do you call a broken pencil never mind it’s pointless!!

Knock knock. Who’s there? Broken pencil. Broken pencil who? Never mind, it was pointless!

Do you want to hear a joke about the blunt pencil? Never mind, it’s pointless

To Write With a Broken Pencil Is pointless

I could tell you the one about the broken pencil… but it’s pointless

I was going to tell you a joke about a pencil but now it is pointless

Knock Knock, Whos there? Broken Pencil. Broken Pencil who? Nevermind, Its Pointless!

me: knock knock friend: who’s there me: a broken pencil friend: a broken pencil who? me: nevermind its pointless

Knock Knock Who’s there? Pencil Pencil who Oh never mind, it’s pointless

What Do you call a pointless pencil never mind it’s so pointless

What’s did the triangle say to the circle? “You’re pointless”

Want to hear a joke about a guy losing fingers?

Never mind it’s too Pointless

I can tell you a pun about a pencil oh! Nevermind it’s pointless

Knock knock Who’s there? Broken pencil Broken pencil who? Nevermind it’s POINTLESS