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What do you call an autistic kid with a gun??SpecialForces

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Dat is a violation


Special forces be coming after you after hearing that jokeπŸ˜‚πŸ€£

I may be autistic, but damn that got me rollin

toooo funnyyy

I mean I DID used to like this joke, but I have Autism, ADHD and Anxiety, so yeah, fuck u, u fucking honky

I'm trying to find ur family, I'm using EVERYTHING AND ALL FINDING THINGS IN THE ENTIRE FUCKING WORLD, none of them can find it, u fucking stinky fishy cunt queef

I may be autistic but that was fucking hilarious

My god, chill out. You are just one of those people who can’t take a joke. (Elsa)


Thet makes me think of a joke what has four wheels and 5 pounds of explosives my car.

you bakkaaa.....EreN YeaGEr

the dislikes are from people who take jokes too seriously

Say retarded instead. It’s funnier.