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im gay

How did they go to school

Cant a guardian sign the permission slip

they dont have gaurdians there orphans

hahahahah i love this shit it's so fucking funny because i'm an orphan

oof Actually its parent OR guardian signature, so they can go.

ya davian is right

Yeesh And i thought i was a loser. being an orphan sounds awful

I tell this to my class cause it's funny

my parents hate me because I have dark humor jokes and most of them are orphan jokes

Some are very mean and I hate people for their dark humor.

just write mom i hear that works.;)

Orphan: Please, can I go Teacher: Do you have a signature Orphan I do Teacher: Who’s Harry the druglord Orphan: He’s this homeless drug dealer on my street. I consider him my father because he takes care of me Teacher: That won’t do it, go find some parents

What about their guardian?

Bruh I’m wheezing 💀

Im hitting the door u need to be concerned 😫✋-

Im surprised nobody referenced Harry Potter. This was the reason he couldn’t go on the class trip in the Prizoner of Azkaban. ‘the boy who lived’ too bad his parents couldn’t-

Love that one said it to my friend at school

lmaoo harry potter be like

hahaha so funny....... and DARK🖤😂

this is prob my fave one

Hi guys I am 6 years old and I love unicorns and pink and purple glittery cupcakes and I love Barbie dolls

what if it was a field trip to a water park

they whould drownd cuz there black

EW I HATE all LGBTQ+ people, I mean, be a good person and respect the Lord pls.

Y’all are just ruining the joke of being to logical DUDE TAKE A JOKE

(Sorry caps on take a joke) got distracted**

@hailey, let people ve who they want to ve. it also says in the vivle that people are all seen as equal to god, so next time, read a vivle

Me: *during reading this joke: :)* Me: *After reading this joke :o*

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