Arsenal Jokes

GBM when he sees Soph (gets a boner) and has sex with soph but realizes he forgot to put on a condom.. soph: this is why arsenal fans are so deluded and retarded Normal Fans after they lose the game: Good game, you guys played really well. GBM: BRO REF WHAT THE BLOODY HELL YOU DELUDED ASS RETARD, OMFG WE LOST BECAUSE OF THIS REF

Adapt: Hey Adapt, Did you know your smart? Smart for being retarded Yo adapt!! You're so stupid that you gave me your roblox account info and you said thanks about it!!

Barca fans after the LFC vs Barca game: We bottled it, damn it, we'll win the Copa Del Rey tho. Commie after the LFC vs Barca game: YOU NEVER WALK ALONEEEEEEEEEE Normal People: I support only 1 team Commie: I support Barca, LFC, and AEK!! And i'm the biggest plastic in the server!!