Verosika MayDay

Y'all are so rude on here- If you don't like what I put on MY profile you can click your rude ass off of my profile and look at some other fucking jokes. DO NOT INTERACT WITH ME IF YOU HAVE SOMETHING RUDE TO SAY ABOUT ME!!

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I don't like what you put on your profile ether does your farther maybe if your bum a$$ tried being normal your farther might just come back with some milk in his hands instead of him "NOT INTecRaCTing WitH YOu

Dude what a fucking crybaby your acting like a spoiled bitch just because people told you to get a better joke

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Leave them alone. Seriously, what the fuck!? What's the incessant need to be such fucking arseholes to eachother, be kind or keep the fuck quiet!!!!!!!!!!

What has verosika actually done wrong?

She made shitty jokes on a website for good jokes

i am sorry bitch ass

So what, shitty jokes on a website do happen I mean look at your jokes

Not gonna deny it I have ass jokes

But so do u royal so we all can’t be talking

My ni gga, she a demon. You know, demons are dead... and suicide is a sin... chances are, this ni gga already killed herself and is writing these joeks from hell rn, you feel? now stop being a bitchass lil ni gga

hey is your dad back?

and btw your pfp looks like a slut oh wait thats you

her pfp is hawt... *fap fap fap fap* IM GONNA COOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM oh my god i love demon girls so mucch im gonna kill myself so that when i go to hell i get buttraped by demons because that is totally what happens in hell and not me burning eternally for my sins yes SO TRUE!

I’m not mean