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Why is this under rated!?!?!?!?!?!? This is funny

Brah this makes no sence

If someone always misses you wouldn't it mean you're good at it? Bc then you don't get out? 0-o

That one there was a violation

holy shit dude, that's amazing.

my fave joke

Damn so good 🤣🤣

This is amazing XD

You know that’s kinda dark

That’s just Dark bro u got somethin against those poor orphans with their ash covered faces

I swear this is a place for technoblade,change my mind

boss music starts playing

why are orphans so bad at baseball... because they cant find home

That is so funny OMG HA HA HA

omg i cant stop laughing #darkhumar

Not gonna lie that was pretty fucking funny

I told my mom this and she thought it was funny :D

U mf's going to hell but so am I'm dying laughing rn

Dog I made that joke on tiktok

@??? why the fuck would you say that. He was a legend. i am also convinced that ur are an orphan


This is really fuunnyyyy

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