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It’s statistically proven that 9 out of 10 people enjoy gang rape

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Oh! You are ... nothing!

wanna gang rape me bc im one out of those 10 ppl

Why not Lol Jk

im the one who wants to be raped

Sure buddy.

Yeah the 9 are the rapists the 1 is the raped no never I hate rape jokes they’re just annoying and motivating for rapists and they worsen the state of rape victims. Please think before doing such things, cuz everyone might get raped. Yes, even you. Thanks for your understanding

Why would you say such a thing? Raped people are not amused by this joke. I'm not trying to be a pain in the butt but it's true. You never know who can be raped. It is something terrible, horrible.

man came back 2 years later

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@Lilliluu and @Gwen why cant you just kill yourselves already?

@Lilliluu I'll rape you nigcka.

Don't threaten to rape people bro! Oh my gosh and no they're not killing themselves. They are actually decent people.

People that are rape victims and feel triggered by JOKES should shut the hell up. Not only rape I also mean racist/religious jokes. That's the point of a joke! It's a joke. If you don't think it's funny, that's fine. Others do. Imagine if comedians had to be careful of every joke to consider other peoples feelings. That would be the most boring show to watch.

Stop the victim role, stop telling people what to say. Ironic? You can say whatever you like, I am not saying stop because I am annoyed by you playing the victim card on a joke. I am just saying it for your own good. Nobody feels sorry for you, if you won't let people laugh at a serious situation... Then we would live in an extremely negative world. You are literally enforcing people to stop doing something they can LAUGH about. I am a victim of rape myself, I thought this was extremely funny and kind of clever. Not one moment did I think about my trauma. Again. Freedom of speech, you don't like it? Just block it out and move on to the next one.

Again, let me emphasise I'm not telling you what to do. If you want, continue telling people what they should not say or stop speaking, I'm just merely indicating how disturbing it is that nothing can be said anymore, not a joke can be made or people tell people NOT to.

Every dictatorship from Hitler, to Kim Jong. From Ayatolla to Saddam.. Would imprison and torture people for speaking something that they did not like hearing.

Honestly, f**k your feelings :) jokes are jokes. It had nothing to do with the actual crime or the act.

For all you that did not understand 9 out of 10 people indeed enjoy gang rape and that is true! That's a fact. This joke only works for gang rape. 9 out of 10, because 1 out of 10 is getting raped 9 of them are the rapist.

Have a good day. Stay safe, don't get raped. If you do? .. just see it as free sex. Move along

@Anon4 I saw where you where coming from at first but that last part is messed up. I'm not gonna say you can't joke about rape because you're right, freedom of speech. But I think some can go too far, and it's ok if people say something about that, because like you said, freedom of speech.