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To corny

Son : Mom why is my backpack so heavy? Mom : allahu akbar my son, allahu akbar...

That really is not that funny, Do you know how many people actually get beat by there dads, every single day, you really should not joke around about that.

Yea thats messed up but morbid jokes DONT JOKE ABOUT THAT OR IMA JOKE ABOUT YOURE FACE!!!!!!!(im jokeing btw its a dare)

Lucky you, my DID barely lets me remember anything

That Hurts but i wouldn't know because mine was never there sooo-

i almost didnt get it but then it hit me harder than his belt

Ok this is amazing

for people who say dont joke about it, shut up orphans.

Dad don't do this, i'll be good!

Some people just need professional help

I mean like i can relate everyone can

removing the polish with chemicals

removing the Polish with chemicals