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Oooooohhhhh shit

i don´t like the concept, but it is funny.


why dont orphans play baseball? they cant find home.

Offensive i was a orphan 8 years ago its not funny.

Daniel this is a website for all kinds of jokes, orphan jokes are to be expected here I'd you don't like it then keep scrolling mate'. But otherwise I'm a phat prick for laughing at this.

offensive, not funny

idc if its offensive orphans parents fucked up

all the dislikes are orphans

i made it to 999 likes :)

to everyone who's getting offended by this: what else do you expect from morbid jokes? this site ain't for you, go somewhere else


odd I'm writing a comic about an orphan . #young_author

BTW I'm not a nerd i just love writing stories😁.

@DOG JOKE I'm wondering why you are on this site if you didn't want to hear morbid fucking jokes. Can you please tell me why you wasted your time coming here if you didn't want to see orphan jokes?

Hahahahaha lmao lol haha kill meh

im going to hell for laughing at this one LMFAOOO

@¯\_(ツ)_/¯, at least all these orphans don't have to deal with what you're going through.

haha! can i keep this?? this is meeee

You had me in the first half not gonna lie

If you don’t like the jokes get off the god damn sight


at least I got a Got a ps5 for my brother. Best trade in existence

bro im gonna dye for laughing at this

thats mean.

Why no homepage.

Why are people coming onto the morbid joke section and being little pussies about offensive jokes

how would you feel if you had no parents, rude people?

You know, there are like, two sides to this joke, one side (no offense) is going to do everything in their power to stop these jokes coming into public, the other just enjoys

y'know what? forget it. you win.

daniel go cry to your parents oh wait u dont have any

Omg this is my friends joke- She copied it and posted it. No offence if your reading this but you need to leave me alone and stop being a bitch. :( Thumbs down. :/

the karen, pretty good tbh

fuck orphans, don't defend them


idc who says this isn't funny, they shouldn't be here if they don't want offensive jokes

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