Teachers: when ever there’s a school shooting hide under the desk Students: hiding under desk Shooter: Well no ones in here

Every woman will die in five seconds Mother : dies Sister : dies Girlfriend:lives You : 🤬

So I met Micheal Jackson before he died he dragged me to his bed

What is the difference between a boomerang and a orphans dad ?

The boomerang comes back

Why can’t Chinese people play cricket? cus they always eat the bat

Me:how does this thing work? ForTnite kid: oh u don’t know how to use a pistol look I’ll show you ForTnitekid: shoots foot Me: that wasn’t a very good demonstration

if you have a teacher who is a Karen comment what the worst thing that they did to u or ur entire class I know this ain’t a joke but why not

Kids when they meet kid out of home alone be like: “at least your mom came back”

What happens at the orphanage be like: The orphans:”HE IS THE MESSIAH!”

Just hire some people to be fake parents and print off an adoption appear on April fools the just leve them there at the orphanage APRIL FOOLS!

Why does Mexico not have a Olympic team?

Because all of them that can jump,swim,and run are already here.

ah yes, cremation. My last chance of having a smokin' hot body.