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What did the boy with no hands get for his birthday?

I don’t know. He hasn’t opened it yet.

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That is the meanest thing I have ever heard! Get a life. :/ you sad pecice of crap. What is wrong with you. You are so rude. 💩Oops I didn't mean to send that pic of you. Sorry not sorry.

Pussy get over it its a JOKE and its hilarious

What the hell are you doing on a site called if you cant even read a dark humour joke without insulting the guy who did it? gtfo you're too old to laugh.

Dude, are you five? You’re seriously using poop comebacks on a dark humour website. Go outside.


I bet that took a lot of thought.

Brill Joke cant stop laughing follow me @itsszaksantos on insta

great joke, this one really cracked me up

fuck you. i hate you so much

I HAVE NO HANDS...this is hilarious! 'cause I open shit!

Thanks for understanding. The joke is funny. Too bad Bob can't see that

*as well as Confederate


Thank you Hitler.

Bruh the first person on the comment is stupid and definitely a 5 year old take a morbid joke for once man and stop crapping everywhere.

Knock knock Who's there ? Not the boy with no hands

This is an old.


what is with some of these comments like why are you here if you cant handle it

Are u a fan of hitler dark humor? Good joke though anonymous dude