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What did the boy with no hands get for his birthday?

I don't know. He hasn't opened it yet.

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That is the meanest thing I have ever heard! Get a life. :/ you sad pecice of crap. What is wrong with you. You are so rude. 💩Oops I didn't mean to send that pic of you. Sorry not sorry.

Pussy get over it its a JOKE and its hilarious

What the hell are you doing on a site called if you cant even read a dark humour joke without insulting the guy who did it? gtfo you're too old to laugh.

Dude, are you five? You’re seriously using poop comebacks on a dark humour website. Go outside.


I bet that took a lot of thought.

Brill Joke cant stop laughing follow me @itsszaksantos on insta

great joke, this one really cracked me up

fuck you. i hate you so much

I HAVE NO HANDS...this is hilarious! 'cause I open shit!

Thanks for understanding. The joke is funny. Too bad Bob can't see that

*as well as Confederate


Thank you Hitler.

Bruh the first person on the comment is stupid and definitely a 5 year old take a morbid joke for once man and stop crapping everywhere.

Knock knock Who's there ? Not the boy with no hands

This is an old.


what is with some of these comments like why are you here if you cant handle it

Are u a fan of hitler dark humor? Good joke though anonymous dude

It's a joke site hence the name see people who can't take a joke need to fuck off and lighten up lol.

that's so god damm fuck up who's going to hell for that one

Bob, You must have been born on the highway, because that’s where most accidents happen.