Annoying Orange

Annoying Orange Jokes

When knife tells Annoying Orange "I'm trying something new", Annoying Orange said "Oh no, are you having a midknife crisis?" and then Annoying Orange laughs

The annoying orange told the annoying, insecure, beta bitch orange that he wants to be the most annoying thing on earth again.

"You did great!"

"Come here and get your prize, a shiny quarter!"

"Nah, that's okay."

"Here's the quarter back."

"You don't want the quarter?"

"No! Quarterback!"


(Crashes) (screams)

"Yo, sorry bout that."

"You think he's gonna be mad?"

"Who? Baldi?"

"Nah, he doesn't have a HAIR in the world!"

(Annoying Orange laughs) (Baldi groans)