R.I.P Queen Elizabeth II.

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We had a school Assembly today, and we had prayer. One of the teachers put in a prayer for the queen and her family etc. And omg our relief teacher CRIED. She met the queen as a child, (Only vaguely), and when she found out she actually properly cried. As in, Sobbing, red face, tears. Then she kept making us watch documentaries about the queen and her life etc.

We had a minute's silence in the quadrangle and we got to hear over the loudspeaker how she visited the various states and territories of Australia.

Oh wow!

We didn't have a minute of silence, we had tears and prayers instead. <3


That sucks Hailey, so glad I'm not there xD


Enjoying your holiday? Your missing so much boring work lol 🙃

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I didn't miss too much work!