in Biden

If I'm racist for voting Trump, then you're a pedophile for voting Biden.

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Biden is a pedo tho

Please provide me with real proof that Biden is a pedophile not just you or you parroting that nonsense. If you can't then refrain from making unintelligent remarks, it doesn't make you look smart. There are many videos, speeches and actions that prove DT is an unintelligent racist. Compare his vernacular in speaches he gives with Obama, Biden and even GW Bush.

Biden literly sniffed kids heads wdym need proof

There are literal pictures of Biden bending over, grabbing the kid's head, and either sniffing or kissing his hair. It's creepy as fuck. Go search it up, Sylvia. Hunter Biden literally calls his own dad "Pedo Peter" in his contacts.

Fuck off Sylvia, libmutt.