My family loves to have dance parties. My dad will just play music from his iPod, and I'll go to the light switch and make a nice strobe light effect. Everyone loves it, especially my younger cousin. He gets down on the floor and starts breakdancing! It makes him so happy, and he needs that extra joy in his life, especially since the doctor recently diagnosed him with epilepsy.

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bit long but holy fucknugget is it good

Why is it so great to laugh at the expense of the epileptic... i'm going to hell aren't I lmao worth it

You have a really sick sense of humor... you are making fun of people with a disease that if put into a situation like the one in your joke they can actually die. You should be ashamed of yourself, along with the 276 people that gave this joke a thumbs up. I sure hope know one in your family has epilepsy

Why are you on the morbid side of these jokes if you'e just going to criticise them?

shut up Terry you have no friends. why are you like this. its a joke calm down you 5 year old chiil. just a joke. if it offends someone then it offends them but youd ont have to comment it chill

I'm sorry but it's a j o k e as in if you don't like dark humor, leave us psychopaths and sociopaths alone. We're having a great time.

What is epilepsy? All I know is that it is a disease

Terry i feel u. Stop being meanes. I’m 7 and my parent owns this app/.

Terry chill. You know it's a joke. The sites name is " Worst Jokes Ever ", and no one is that stupid to put a person with epilepsy in a room with flashing lights.

Poppy- ok I’m not your parent or a person in your life but if you really are seven, Please do not read jokes like this. And if you are looking for more friendly jokes- best not look in this section. Because we enjoy being “meanes.” Ok. Now what the h*ll is epilepsy.

“Epilepsy- a neurological disorder marked by sudden recurrent episodes of sensory disturbance, loss of consciousness, or convulsions, associated with abnormal electrical activity in the brain.” - thanks google

@Gwen it’s not a disease it’s when someone has seizures

terry shut ur snowflake ass up, u are offending my religion

Omg i cant i have epilepsy and I think this joke is hilarious so like I don’t think it’s that offensive

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