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One day a father and a daughter were at a park. The daughter accidentally kills a butterfly. The father says, “Just because you killed the butterfly, you don’t get butter for a week.” They were there the next day, and the daughter kills a cockroach. The father laughs and says, “Nice try.”

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oh shit


Dark A F

Damn, that's some quality shidd

Was the dad a priest or?


That was so dark holy hell

Fucking hell


The better one is that when they got home they saw the mother kill a cockroach, the daughter turns to the dad and says “shall I tell her or you?”

woww this was sad!!! lol

Is it sad that i don't get this joke?

Jesus Christ that's funny in a fucked up way

Dark as heck

For those who don't understand-

The father is a paedophile and molests his daughter.

pppffffftt lmaoo

I think its concerning how hard I laughed at this

It's sad how much I love this.

R.i.p small child ;-;

what can someone explain???

...for anyone who does not get it, you don't wanna know.

She killed a butterfly and doesn't get butter, so she killed a cockroach and doesn't get cock. He sexually assaults his daughter is the joke

Shit dude that's hilarious

I should be concerned for myself because I laughed at this. Help me.

*takes the female child into a dark room for punishment*

I had to read that twice to get it. I wonder how often SHE gets it. :) ☺♥


I'm surprised she actually killed the cockroach... those mfs are hard to kill.

What i describe midget cocks

omfg lol that is dark af

Why would any sexually healthy person find anything amusing about this? Only actual pedophiles would find this funny.

...it took me a second....but i got it. thanks ig 😭

Child molesting and incest?! WTF. This should not be out there.

WHAT?! I don't get It😭

what's a cock?

That is Fricked Up! (But I like the joke)

That is not how the joke goes....and this is sick and borders on pedophilia..... dumbass

The mom kills a cockroach and the daughter says you gonna tell her or should i ?

OmG! WhErE dId U GeT ThAt JoKe?

This joke is stolen the first fucking joke that’s a year older is right under this joke

omg wtf


Disgusting anyone even thinks that’s funny.