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Genders are like the twin towers. There used to be two of them and now it’s a sensitive subject

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I couldn't agree more. That is fucking funny

There was never two, always about 13... never heard of intersex have you? Penises and Vaginas are not all people are born with, then there is hermaphrodites as well. Uninformed is the issue here.

Chill out dude. There are only 2.

There are only two genders

Absolute belter that one laa

^^ i agree

What about NASCar?

That one guy got triggered lol, what a libtard

This is so true bahaha

this is great!

This is great. This is now my pickup joke. Lmfao

Shit's too real


Look at my name BTW I am not gay.

Lmao all these bloody tucutes making up genders.

I'm late to this convo, but I'd like to say something. THIS. IS. A. JOKE. SITE. why are people offended by these posts? it literally tells you that you are in the MORBID JOKE section. what does MORBID mean? morally wrong. what does JOKE mean? a non serious/ humerus story or sentence? I mean come of it mate, you knew what you were stepping into.

Im actually a guy, for those of you who read my name first

I pissed myself laughing



There have always only been 2 genders. If you think there are more than 2 then you should go back to first grade.

There are XX and XY 2 genders


All I see is people saying “iTs oNlY a jOkE cHiLl lIbTaRd” yet- nobody has said anything saying it wasn’t a joke. Btw I don’t care if it’s a joke it’s not funny 🙃

Fucking brilliant 🤣🤣🤣



@nathan you fool check the top of the comment section libtard


shut up theres only 2 damn genders

fuck u

such a good joke love it keep going love u bye xx 😈🤍💩😭🤎🐱

What's worse is that it is actually a sad truth than a joke.

I like this one... What do the twin towers and genders have in common? There was only 2 of them when I was growing up.

There's genuinely only to genders to be honest though. Those who think otherwise need Jesus more than ever!

There only is ever 2 genders those who create no called new ones belong in hell. Repent accept Jesus into your heart!

We all have our own opinions, and yes their are two genders in factuality, but some people think otherwise. (Not trying to judge your beliefs and religion either.)

But in some cases their are rare cases called “intersex” which is the third gender, and means you have neither a penis or a vagina.


But there are only two genders, so that joke doesn’t make any sense 🙄

Hah y’all be funny, because umm yes I get it it’s a joke but there are only two genders us as Christian’s be standing up for themselves in the Bible god created Adam and Eve not Adam and Steve just saying shawties, if anyone has a problem with what I’m saying I really don’t care about your opinion bc you have to the audacity to even say your opinion to me and I think it’s funny, I’m sure you really feel stupid at the end of the day. God Bless I hope you have a good day