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What's the difference between the real Jesus and a picture of him ?

It only takes one nail to hang up the picture.

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Stay where you are

yur fucked up

If ya don't like offensive jokes, why are you here

chillax i'm a christian and i lost my shit at this one

for people who disliked, if ya dont like it just ignore it

Bro honestly pretty funny im that one mid thatll laugh at a autistic kid that screams at the top of there lungs ive done it before thats how i know

that is messed up

How do you call yourself a Christian if you cuss or second-guess that one

Yeah ima christen


Yall God loves you dont say that


Bro u going to hell


this ones too far bro.

Bruh y'all pussies, This is offensive jokes. Why'd you click on here even. So stupid

😂🤣 so good!!!!

Those Christians who make fun of other religions in an offensive manner; this is the best joke to post in their comments 😂


And it only tale one shot to kill you You will go go hell

there was actually a man who was shot 6 times in the head and made a full recovery

John what do you mean autistic kid lol

y did you say that to the man that saved you and your family

whats going, what'd i miss?

if yall really hate this joke so bad, then whyd you click on Jesus jokes?

Fuck yes ahahahaga

Dude I tell this joke a lot it's great ppl don't know how 2 react that's 4 sure lol. Jesus has a sense of humor and I bet he's all like yuh nailed it lol!

The difference is the picture actually exists

Thats fucked up. dont say that shit

This guys want jesus jokes and complaints about one.

Your a fucked up humen being

u cant say that

These kids cant handle a littel offense Crist