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To the guy in the wheelchair who stole my camouflage jacket… You can hide, but you can’t run.

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stop discriminating disable dpeople

@Reply to george. Dude did you even read that the disabled guy stole the jacket first?

That wasn't in any way funny. Not because it was about disability, it was just plain sh1te.

good m8

Disable dpeople wait you are part of the soviets are you release the nukes

bruh I f you don't like it go away from this page, its like a easly offened black person going to the kkk website

Sorry man I will give it back now....

To people saying ‘This is mean’ or stuff like that, I’m in a wheelchair and all these jokes are hilarious

I've been in a wheelchair 15 years... don't listen to the Karen's. That shit was funny! 😂😂

GG you INSULTED him more than you descusted you mum when you were born

funny as dude

I'm in a wheel chair. I've been in it for almost a year now and I still enjoy going scoot! scoot! as i go down a almost flat hill for some reson im tying to learn how to drift

ma name jeff

thats friky

Both of my sisters are disabled and my mum... wanna know how that feels honey? Not good! Just stop making jokes about people in wheelchairs? Some aren’t even mentally disabled and have to put up with your shitty jokes... I’m only a teenager and I can see what’s wrong with this, get a grip. Have a nice life 👍