Chunky Jokes

Roses are red, pussies are wet, when it goes in he gets upset, she said it’s to small, so that’s all, but later that day, he wanted to say, every time I play, no one complains, so she was just lieing, she started flying, went out of her seat, the skirt went up, the greatest of them all, everyone said, fly away big chunky balls.

Me:if the skinny person goes skinny dipping then what do fat people do?

my friend: Chunky dunks


Yo Momma's legs are like cottage cheese: white and chunky. Yo Momma's so dirty that when I asked what was for dinner she sat on the table, opened her legs and said "Crabs."

My diet consists of Blood Pudding, I love it and have it for breakfast, lunch and dinner, my secret ingredient though?

It consists of the blood and insides of my victims, it’s a bit chunky sometimes, some bits chewy, some bits hard

But it’s a hearty meal