Bestie Jokes

Bestie hannah heard that bestie Iz had a migraine! What did she do? She said, My grains don’t hurt that much, at least not when the animals eat them!!

my friend died me and my other besitei stares sining the coffin song my bestie in the coffin why are you not sad why are you still alive

Hello! I'm Taylor, and this is my life story with me and my ex girl. so when i was little, i met this girl. her name was Leah. we were besties for a while until i turned 13. then i asked if she wanted to date me. she said yes! but one day, in the middle of school, she was talking to another man!!!!!!! AND THEY HUGGED AND KISSED EACH OTHER ON THE CHEEK!!!!!! Then, she told me she hated me. i was so upset!!!!!!!! Whatever you do, don't follow the ugly rat!!!!!!!!! <3