So, I don't want anyone taking this the wrong way, people are free to be whatever they feel they are and that's not anyone elses choice.


I personally have my own feelings on 'pride month and LGTBTQ+'. I feel that it is against the bible and is an abomination to the lord our god. I know plenty of LGTBQ+ people and I respect that. My best friend is bi, and I respect thats how she feels, and I'm glad that she made her choice. But I don't love it when people promote this stuff, because it is what the devil is tricking everyone into doing/being. Falling into the devils act is NOT something you should ever want to do. As a christian, this is not okay in my sense.

As an aussie, I note this: The people who defended Australia get 2 days, rememberance day and Anzac day + 1 minute of silence. Then, the LGBTQ+ community get a whole MONTH where they are told that they are 'special' and 'normal, like everyone else'. Which is really unfair and in a way, biast. I'm only 12, and I have recognised this just from being told at a CATHOLIC school by all the kids in my class that they are either LGBTQ+ or support it.

I know and understand I will get alot of hate from this, but please remember that its just my thoughts and opinion. Thankyou for reading. :)

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I agree :)

I mean, I guess everyone's entitled to their own opinions. I personally don't have a problem with LGBT people, though I guess that's just how I was raised.

I've always been told and shown that it's not exactly something you want to get into, as it is part of the devils trickery.