A husband got a message from his neighbor one day. It read "Hey im sorry i had to tell you like this but i have been doing your wife for months now" The husband went to go grab his gun and shot his wife. He hid the evidence and a few hours later he got another message from his neighbor saying "Sorry meant using your wifi"

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So then who should I kill this time? My wife or my wifi? They're both two things I can never live without.

Who would EVER say that you're "doing" someone's WiFi? You don't "do" WiFi. That's ridiculous wording, purposely twisted with the sole and intent of trying to make it fit the premise of the so-called "joke". Do something else, because jokes are not your calling.

@better than you how about you stfu its a joke no need to comment that

Husband: oops

Wifi?!?! Reloads and shoots again.

@betterthanyou, "using" and "doing" are common autocorrect typos too.. now you just look dumb.

Haha! It's a good joke! Wife and WiFi. Theo, good comment. 🤣

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