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A man from France, a man from Britain, and a man from New York are on an exposition to the Amazon Forest. After a while they get lost. So as they are walking suddenly the bushes jump up into the air and men with spears are there. One man says "Hey, your in our sacred land. So what we are going to do is skin you and then use your flesh to make canoes. But we aren’t that crazy so we will let you choose how you die." The man from France said, "bring me the poison." The man from Britain said, "bring me the gun" And the man from New York said, "bring me a fork" The guy was confused with the fork but still brought it the items and gave it to them. The guy from France said, “for the France!” And drank the poison and died. The man from Britain said, “long live the queen!” And shot himself and died. And the man from New York started stabbing himself with the fork and said “MAKE A CANOE OUT OF THIS YOU FUCKERS”

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i got detention for laughing at this

This is beautiful

Wow so true xD

Big Hurt

This is so funny, I almost exploded TheEll_XXCroz (sub me!) TheEll_XXCroz (sub me!) TheEll_XXCroz (sub me!) TheEll_XXCroz (sub me!) TheEll_XXCroz (sub me!) TheEll_XXCroz (sub me!) TheEll_XXCroz (sub me!) TheEll_XXCroz (sub me!) TheEll_XXCroz (sub me!)

I don't get this. Please explain. I am humour noob.

@lemonade They said that they'll use their skin to make canoes, so the guy from New York ruined his skin with the fork and they can't use it to make a canoe now

@TheHeretic thanks. now i get it


Say this joke to any girl

i was sent to the office after laughing at this, you see, me and my friend started laughing and then the classroom started laughing, and then the teacher started laughing... the campus security officer also started laughing as he escorted us to the police station

Americans aren’t that clever.

Yeah but they will sure as hell make sure you have the worst time of your life for killing them XD

The funniest bit was the sentence about bushes suddenly jumping into the air and men with spears being there.

why not stab them with the fork and not your self


I saw this on a sky does things video😂😂

That is why America is on top. The guy didn't even die. He simply screwed up their canoe. The other two were too stupid to think of it, and they also went out like wimps instead of fighting. AMERICA REIGNS SUPREME!!!!

they never made me into a canoe, so I win by default. they ate me but it's whatever...


The New York person is much big brain

Oof that's ruff

i would have said old age and left .-.

too long i can't even read it so i don't like it and dont tell me im mean


this is not acceptable