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I hate these double standards.

if you burn a body at a crematorium you’re "doing a good job" if you do it at home you’re “destroying evidence”

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This is so true



We found you fucker


Ikr hate it when people say that

Bo Burnham

so very true. love it

Haha what the hell lad


Hate when that happens..

so unfair... is anyone a cop?

right it's like you gotta ruin my fun smh

FBI open up 😎🚪

Yeah like wtfffffffffffffff

Yeah I know right it's a choice to kill your unborn baby but it's a crime if I go marching into a schoolyard with my revolver. What the hell man-

ikr i hate tht shit

so true and its a bummer that you have to do it in the backyard i wanna do it some were secret like the woods or in a deeep hole 12 ft at the least