There’s nothing more depressing than a failed suicide attempt.

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that's not dark humour it's just true

Seriously though, that has to be the shittiest feeling ever.


I failed everything else, why not that too?

Been there 🙏

Wouldn’t that just be a baptism

Ah yes I remember when they baptised me with a rope and gun

Got that right bud

y e s

You are not wrong

stupid depressed fggot

just another disappointment to the family...

Im laughing while crying because I know how that feels like


That is the only joke on this page that has made me laugh 😂

I've tried to attempet suicide

It would make me feel pathetic and even more suicidal lmao

A successful sucide attempt

Uhh.. Is everyone okay? why are you here please dont hurt yourself.

Can i please like get caught in a shooting or something so like i dont actually have to do anything. Lol

I haven’t done it yet but I feel like I won’t fail. I brought some hydrochloric acid and lime Sulfur, mixing them should kill me in a couple of breathes. It seems fool proof but I sure hope it works.


I tried but I failed it sucked. And yeah it just made me more depressed I hate life.

I feel that

Stupid fcks, use a gun!

Goddamnit, jump off a bridge next time

that is facts 😭


It’s not a joke so y am I laughing

suicides funny

Yasssssss cant believe how true it be

I know I tried drug overdose and almost died brought to the hospital wake up first words F U C K

What did you use hahaha

When you realize death doesn't even want you

Pain:'( I don't know if I should be laughing or crying.

eh not sure how i feel about this either Sui

Its funny because its relatable

*laughing and crying at the same time*

*laughing and crying*

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