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Seriously though, that has to be the shittiest feeling ever.


I failed everything else, why not that too?

Wouldn’t that just be a baptism

Ah yes I remember when they baptised me with a rope and gun

y e s

just another disappointment to the family...

Im laughing while crying because I know how that feels like

That is the only joke on this page that has made me laugh 😂

It would make me feel pathetic and even more suicidal lmao

Uhh.. Is everyone okay? why are you here please dont hurt yourself.

Can i please like get caught in a shooting or something so like i dont actually have to do anything. Lol

I haven’t done it yet but I feel like I won’t fail. I brought some hydrochloric acid and lime Sulfur, mixing them should kill me in a couple of breathes. It seems fool proof but I sure hope it works.

I tried but I failed it sucked. And yeah it just made me more depressed I hate life.

Goddamnit, jump off a bridge next time

that is facts 😭

It’s not a joke so y am I laughing

Yasssssss cant believe how true it be

I know I tried drug overdose and almost died brought to the hospital wake up first words F U C K

What did you use hahaha

When you realize death doesn't even want you

Pain:'( I don't know if I should be laughing or crying.

eh not sure how i feel about this either Sui

Its funny because its relatable

*laughing and crying at the same time*

If you don't like your life you don't even have to try to commit suicide even though it seems right something in your life could change to make you the happiest person in the world. Even though it may seem you have to find the thing that changes but maybe it'll just find you 😁👍

failed fucking parkour

hahasofunny😂😂😂😂😂😂 fuck you. You are a pussy you don't get to talk shit about things that you will never get.

dont worry thats normal as a suicidal person with mental issues

i tried to suicide 189 times (i counted it all)

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