Burn pedo alive
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You people are sick!!! None of these are funny. Sick sick sick!!!

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People are trying to have a laugh, your just a fuckhead. i hope your 8 because ima be all up in you ;)

Must be nice having no sense of humor

So why TF are you here? And on a scale of 1-10 how old are you? Do you like to try the fastest internet on fortnite? The PING gets 1 ms!

yeah bruh there sick as bro. fortnite all nite

Dude, if we're sick for reading these, then WHY ARE YOU HERE?!?!? Doesn't that mean you're as sick as us? Why would you go the a place on the web that is just for Pedo jokes if "None of these jokes are funny! You people are sick!" Most of the time we joke about these things because that's our way of dealing with the sick, disgusting SHIT of the world. We talk about it in a lighthearted way, rather than just ignoring it and hoping it will go away. It's not your old friend from preschool.

You ended up here like the rest of us. We lol because its all in sick twisted fun, but its innocent. Do you have something to feel guilty about? Is that why you are on your soapbox like a Catholic Priest 10 mins after he was inside a 10 year old? Kill yourself if you cant laugh at funnies... That would be funny...

ill nonce your mum

like the 8 year old was when I took it out

if you were 8 i would turkey slap your jaw off

Get a sense of humor or die. Do you have a daughter?

Stop being immature the pedophiles might think ur a child