What did the human say to the fly when it was buzzing around the human's head?


What do you call a wild cow in a shop with old things?

A bull in a china shop.

Roses are red and violets are blue, my best friend is Sue, and she's is blue too.

(meaning sad)

Bf: Do you love me?

Gf: Most of time.

Bf: Well it's either yes or no.

Gf: ...

Bf: Well when is it that you don't love me?

Gf: 2:30 to 4:00. Every time when you to the river an hour than it takes me a half hour to love you again.

Bf: Why?

Gf: Cuz you always see that OTHER GIRL.

Bf: MY LOVE! That other girl is my sister!!!

Gf: Ohh...

Aiden's the best, in any contest, and no matter what, he'll kick your BUTT!

1 2 3 4 5. I'm old enough to drive, for now I'm still alive, till I crash in that beehive!

Brother: your nuts!

Sister: What do you mean? your the one that has the nuts!

Why should old womon never eat sea food?

Cuz then she'll start acting crabby.

Why is it wrong to put a beef or turkey patty in a burger?

Cuz it's a ham-burger isn't it?

What would be a pets favorite thing to click on on this website?


Get it?

Why do planets circle the son?

Cuz they like the game of ring- around the- rosy.