Bianca: Mr. Doeken, even though I completed my test, you still said it was "late". Why is that?

Mr. Dowon: Bianca for the LAST TIME, MY LAST NAME IS DOWON !!

Bianca (🤨): Are you sure?

Mr. Dowon (😒): What do you need Bianaca?

Bianca: Its Bianca!

Mr. Dowon: Are you sure?

Everyone has a good heart they just don't know what to do with it. I say give some one some love. Hate is soooooo stupid love is soooo smart!

What did one mouse say to the other mouse when it tried to steal the cheese?

"That's nacho cheese!"

im really bored and idk wut up with prince he isnt talking to me. and freshfry y u so mean now??

Freshfry pls leave me and prince alone! I never ask u too join our chat!

Like, if you hate wearing a mask.

Every time I'm out in public, and I see someone without there mask, I always feel like there is something extra special about them. Then I relise, that I can see all there face!

True story by the way

It's been awhile since I've talked to either Prince or tj. Do any of you boys wanna chat?plapls?

Old woman: You are such a darling child. Please come and see me again next year.

A year later, as child walks up to the door of the old ladies house...

Oh my! Goodness sakes child! Have you grown, or have I shrank???

Child: Both

I know this is a really bad poem but I'll do it anyway cuz I have nothing else to do.

Twas so pretty a night, with people all asleep. Everyone's dreaming of that candy apple treat, and a palace. But alas! No it's all a dream. Even eating ice cream, it's all a dream! Why can't I have this? Why can't I have that? BUT NO! It's just hitting you like a bat. YOU JUST HAVE TO HAVE IT, you say to yourself. All for me, all for me, and exedra. it goes on and on. But why wish for riches? Your already rich enough? If you have a device, then take my advise, if you were poor you would have spent the money on food, like honey, not something that... OF ALL THINGS IS GOOGLE!

Like I said, it's really bad. :(