Why did the cow go to space ?to go to the moon

Two nuns in a bath

My mom gave me a golden shovel and a hoe, I said why do I need this she said that you every year.

what job do you want if you dont want peoples two since

a catholic priest


What do you call diareah from a hot woman Chocolate milk What do you call diarrhoea from a fat woman Arsenic

an old man walks in a forest with a child and the child says its dark and im scared the oldman says how do you think i feel i have to walk out alone

my life get it cause i dont got one

A man told his love interest she looked beautiful. And then his love interest told him she had loads of things to tell him. And after 3 minutes, she told him he looked fat, ugly, disgusting, creepy, and tiny. Then the police came and arrested her for saying that.

Bowser ordered his Goomba guards to arrest me, because I wrote graffiti on the walls saying “The Koopalings are evil!” “Kill the Koopalings!” and “Down with the Koopalings!”

Your walking on the street when you realised that your in the road as you feel the horn dying away.

Penis penis penis hehe penis penis 🍆🍆

when my friend says I suck. at something I’m like u swollow

son:Hey Dad why is my name Dick? Dad: Ohh because a dick fell on you when you were born. son: Ohhhhh so thats why im gay.

The clock struck one! Then down did come! Hickory dickory doc What am I? Random- a mouse? Me- no dumb $hit! Random- what is it? Me- the gillotine!

… fuck the turtles… THE END


what the different between a mother and a pigeon on does not eat there husband out.

Here in I hop, we serve pancakes not pie cakes if so we can always bring in a chart that will Power the customer, his smile will remain at its current form, and police surely resisted when I said the word surely.

who delete my stuff??? woooow you racist just because i hispacin