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Trump is so much better, it is actually funny

You need to grow some brain cells if you think that, retard. Now that is actually funny.

You are such a dumb ass, he has dementia and retardation just like people like you

Stupid mother fucker

what an asshole (Death&Decay)

What a brainless karen you are anonymous.

You such a pussy you are nameless

Trump 2024

Who actually thinks Trump is good.

Trump iz da domb💣

there r way too many ppl hating on this joke personally i think anonymous is awesome lmao

Trump is da bomb, Trump 2024.

What a butt hurt idiot, Death&Decay

man i really do miss the guy who killed millions of people because he was more stupid than your mom was for birthing you

Fuck Joe Biden

F*ck u all bidens helping the economy way better than that peice of sh*t trump that screwed the ecomony and did liyerally nothing durong covid. "Drink bleach, it cures covid!" Ring a bell anyone?


TRUMP 2024!! Anonymous is stupid ass motherfucking asswipe.

Maybe Anonymous wants to be raped and sexually assaulted by Biden.