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If I wanted to kill myself i would just climb up your ego and jump down to your IQ.

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Nobody told you to kill yourself.

Why would u kill ur self? Don't u wanna live! I would never kill my self or anyone...please DON'T kill yur self!

Bruh leave gwen alone what did she ever do too u I mean that about Addison and Gwen!

Sorry meant alya

If ur trying to get me to leave then don't cause the things u say really don't offend me any comment? I did'nt think so!

I love gwen!


Everything has to be explained to blacks like Gwen. Worst jokes means worst jokes. If you wanna see wholesome jokes go to reddit.

Exactly @Jeff_sux_pp

aw its call depression

try using this in school redditfag

Gwen, I mean this in the nicest way possible, suicidal people (such as myself) dont want to hear you talk about how we shouldn't die. I know you're not trying to do this, but it just makes us feel like we should be ashamed that we want to die.

"Thanks Reddit!" Anyone get that reference? Anyone?

I am gonna steal that

good one