in Little Johnny

Little Johnny’s mom is taking a shower little Johnny walks in and asks what is that in between your legs mommy says that is my keyhole the next day little Johnny sees his dad taking a shower and little Johnny asks what is that in between your legs daddy says that is my key the next day little Johnny says to his dad looks like the neighbor has the key to mommy’s keyhole too.


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This is my favorite one and did not see one on little Johnny jokes so I made it for you enjoy.

U told me this already

I got this from my friend

its intorpropriet i dont like it

Its bit inaprprit but its good for joke Uk

i like it pls mack more for me

Ok I will make more just I have to think

It is a bit inapropriot, and I bet you could make one's totally different only just as funny. PLS try.

had to read this twice

Is this your life story? Are you little Johnny? 😂

omg if your lil Jonny omg why

It’s innapropriate dark wolf and lol xzavier


...How does little Johnny know the neighbor has a key?

How u going to have a name like dark wolf then cry about it being inappropriate return the name now