What do you call a orphans family reunion?

Me time

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why are orphans bad a yazze they cant have a fuller house

Please stop making jokes about Orphans. It's not there fault.

What’s an orphans fav show family reunion 😂

That is so sad and mean

Gwen. If u don’t like the jokes then why r u here lmao u searched for this type of jokes tho

@Gwen If you don’t like the joke, ur free to leave. Like if you don’t have to exclaim that you don’t like orphan jokes. Nobody’s going to delete their joke bc one person didn’t like it.

Its funny but also mean and makes you feel guilty

Everyone make a rule don't say orphan jokes if theres an orphan near you.

You legit searched this up lmao

A reonion, because they realize they have no family and begin to cry

dude. if you don't like the jokes then why did you search it up.

Gwen is wanted for being a pussy

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