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Why are there only 363 days in an orphans calendar They don’t have fathers or Mother’s Day

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There is also no family day

dats dark... love it!!


What about fathers day

It is still a day

im cry laughing


yes yes very good

they also dont got christmas or halloween who gonna pay for all that gifts, bathomet

yo thats just mesed up


it still counts as a day


Ha this is a good one, poor orphans tho lol

that's just messed up 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣


but on Leap Years 364

Im disliking all orphan jokes stuipd FU**

That’s so dark but funny lol

What about Christmas Easter Halloween and their birthday

They don’t have birthday either

wow so sad


this is just childish imagine if u were an orphin

You forgot Thanksgiving

This was so funny, i literally fell of ny chair almost droping my computer 😂

thats mean

You missed family day

u r soo mean bitch cunt fuckwit

So dark ma brudda

Not like orphans have parents to buy them a phone or computer to read any of the jokes

if you don't like mean jokes then don't read jokes at all because all jokes are aimed at something and that what makes it funny

I may be an orphan BUT I LOVE THOS SITE ITS SO FUNNY (some jokes are true and some aren’t)


like you dad