in Orphan

How did the orphan become famous ? They said “Go Big or Go Home”

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It's kinda like me to be exact

Great jokes please make more!!

yes make more

not funny mean actully!

Joking about orphans is harsh and cruel. I demand that you stop this pettiness right now! What did the orphans tell you? Hey!??! Nothing! That is super correct! They never ever did. So stop kidding on orphans! Bullys. #Leave the orphans alone

#For that nonsense

#Stop kidding orphans



Shut up Gwen a orhapn killed my grandmother

Can u stfu gwen

how much do you want to know your an orhapn gwen!!!

That joke was good😅

Thats not funny In the slightest, just offensive!!! Whoever wrote that joke needs to grow up and act their age, and clearly they don’t know the line between dark humour and just pure rudeness. normally I have a brilliant sense of humour but to someone like myself who has a visual impairment and who has been through the care system it’s not funny in the slightest it’s a very hard life. Just some advice Think before you post in future.

Gwen, if you don't like the fact that people are making jokes about orphans the leave the orphan jokes page

dear Gwen and alie, me and 12 of my orphan friends love this site, some are true some aren’t but this is the funniest thing We’ve ever been on


This one hits close to home