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How do you make an orphans hands bleed?

Tell him to clap until his parents come home.

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That’s messed up, Ik it’s a joke but don’t post it that’s sad that they don’t have parents

if ur so butt hurt then get off of here


nice ignore the haters its funny

it is sad they don't because there parents are fucked up. but my mom whent to jail and i was almost killed as an infant but 10 years later i get it happend i cant change it and i am living a better life being adopted. so @stranger your right it is @ -no=name he has a point don't ignore it listen to it

Oh okay ;-;

Dumb orphans

lol haha dad come home pls I wanna stop clapping!!!!

That’s hilarious my friend told met it at school today and I couldn’t stop laughing! I love dark humor!thanks for that

I told this joke to my mom well lets just say my hands are bleeding😂😂

Lol it’s very funny but rude. But I got to be funny it’s hilarious😂😂

Hey stranger I may be an orphan but it’s hilarious

Bobs cool

when you tell the joke to your teacher and finds out he's an orphan