Wife: "Honey, I'm pregnant."

Husband: "Hi, Pregnant, I'm dad."

Wife: "No, you're not."

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Wife: Honey I'm pregnant

Wife's Lover: Hi pregnant i'm dad :*

Wife: No we are going to die

hahaha its funny cuz shes a cheating skud

Aight imma head out

i get it, when he says hi pregnant i'm dad she thinks he is saying that HE is the child's father HAHA! LITTLE DOES HE KNOW THAT'S NOT TRUE......

reeeeeaaaaaaallllllly funny but its kind of vague

Damn milkboy

Why is this man referring to himself as “dad” when talking to his wife...?

@ZatVonKeed are you fucking stupid nnnnnniiiiiiiiigggggggaaaaaa

when you can relate on a spiritual level


It doesn't work though.

"I'm pregnant" said by the wife.

The husband replies back "Hi pregnant, I'm dad". Implying that he is the father of the pregnant person, a.k.a his wife.

Then the wive says "No you're not", confirming that he is not her father.

If anything, it should be a relief.

Y so many cheaters


I bet it was little Johnny...he's had his fair share of cheaters😏

Don't know why the wife would admit to cheating right then and there, but it means that the father does not have to do anything for the kid, and can just leave her.