in Teacher

Teacher: Now class, if you are dumb, please stand up. Class: no one stands up Teacher: Oh c’mon. I know someone over here is dumb. waves her finger around the left side of the room Little Johnny: stands up Teacher: Oh, Johnny, you think you’re dumb? Little Johnny: No, I just feel bad you’re standing alone.

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I don’t get it

your dumb, it means the teacher is dumb because she's standing up

I love this joke so much, it reminds me of the 1920s, that's when comedy was actually good. I just told my grandchildren this joke and they loooooooooved it! I drove all the way from Scranton to Philadelphia to share this joke with them! Now they're gonna come to my house instead of their aunt Francine's house for thanksgiving this year!

Ethel! This is Francine! Why are the grand kids going over to your house this year for thanksgiving??? I made Schnitzel with noodles just for them! Oh, I get it, this is all because you didn't get invited to my nephew's barmitzvah! You aren't even related you've only seen him once and that was 5 years ago! Why are you mad??

I'm not mad Francine, and it's not because of the barmitzvah, it's because you thew a bowl of candied yams at me!! I'm dissapointed.

No, you know how rebecca loves to spread rumors, I didn't throw them at you, maureen knocked them over on accident and it almost hit your shoe. It was a real shame, it was old bobby's recipie.

I don't care what you say, I know what happened! You did it on purpose!

no, Ethel you are being unreasonable, its no wonder you were left out of secret Santa last year!

Ethel, Francine. Stop fight right this instant you guys are too loud I can't even hear myself think!! And what happened to my favorite recipe. Someone needs to fess up to me.




noooooo im dead