How do you start a rave? Throw a flash bang into an epileptic children’s ward

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you monster


thats pretty good m8


omg that’s genius haha


Is this a overwatch reference?




You jerk my sister is epileptic! It is not funny! You try having a sick ass sister. D......, sitting around all day in your rich ass nice neighborhood where you have nothing better to do than post horrible shit on joke websites. You don’t know how this shit could hurt someone. You are a monster. Try walking into an epileptic children’s ward and see if you would actually like to try that. I wish you could become epileptic so u would know how it feels you bastard.🖕


I totally agree. I hope you are ashamed of yourself.


F... you Mustangaddict93 you are a jerk and do not deserve to have the resources you have. Go f... yourself since no one likes you enough to f... you you lonely ass masturbating bastard.


B.... f... you


Omg i hate all of you feminist trash, get your triggered ass out of here and leave the actual valuable members of society to read these amazing jokes, P.S. Get f...ed, this was a great joke.


its only a joke guys f... off


I thought it was a great joke, a joke is something not meant to be taken seriously, which clearly was not something that you had been taught


im a feminist and this is sexist


I'm gonna give it short and simple I dislike this joke for one because I have epilepsy and I don't find it funny 2. Shit like this we said as kids and didn't think how someone would feel about this or be hurt because we said it . Which I feel like everyone who likes this is or dickhead that made this is still a child in the head and needs to grow the f*** up cause you need to think before you speak .


No w



Guys, this is a dark humour website... what else do you expect from it? Cool fresh vegetables from the hospital?


LOL good one :D


Jesus chill jokes aren't meant to be serious


btw gud joke


it's a bit of a deep joke though


Wesley, Big_Sis, Jennifer, and Michael, I find it hilarious how you guys are offended when im pretty sure this is something called a joke. I hope one day you'll get past kindergarten and understand that it's not supposed to be taken seriously, like for instance if i were to say something like a holocaust joke, for one it's in the name and for two I would laugh. If i were say something like you guys are anti-vax moms now that would be serious because i don't want to hurt your feminist like world