I was at a funeral for some kids in a school shooting. I don't understand why everyone was so sad, so I asked a lady, what's so sad and she said "What do you think was running through these kid's head before they died". I replied "probably a bullet", she gasped and said "do you have any idea how insensitive that is, what do you think is running through their parent's heads", I said " probably all the money their losing from this funeral".

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OMG!!! How could you say something like that???!!! I mean it was also very clever.

That is afwal but really funny

Me an my friends laughed so hard...

morbid but funny .

im sorry but this was funny lol

Nah multiple bullets were going through there heads.

@TheGrammarNationalGuard Its legit they're as in They are

Their would be the possessive form of the 3 homophones of the commonly mispercepted their, they're and there. Please study english before you use that name please.

Hehehe :)😃👌nice

the last bit was really funny

I'm so going to hell for laughing at this XD

We both got the same name 😂😅

Must have been written by a true Republican; they think dead kids are hilarious!