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Then there's Ms. Frizzle.

Dont forget a taxi full of people and children with weighted rain coats

i hate children

I don’t get it

Yes! I am stupid thx very much

No offense but please explain? A bus can’t swim duh. But why does it have to be full of children

I am not american but i am still get it, he means a boss full of children (school bus) drowning into the deep water. The point is all of them is gonna die if no one didn't help them. Get is guys? Sorry with my grammar

a school bus full of DROWNING children

dude, i'm 15 and i get it

that was a little wrong but funny.

No its a school bus full of orphans their parents never taught them to swim

I think the. Confusion of some people is due to the fact that tax not funny. That's what confused me. I thought I didn't get it, but I did from the first moment..I was just like, no that's not it... But it was

lol these people man its a joke people have different mind sets its funny as hell but im not a crazy person

you know what else is yellow and cant swim a dead goldfish

whats white and red all over




You know what else is yellow and can't swim? A duck with no legs.

it is only meant to be funny because you expect it to be a creature. Sometimes we laugh because we are not expecting it.

my bother said that is not the right joke

What is yellow and can’t swin a taxi with bob

😂😂😂 I saw that on YouTube

a school bus full of kids :D


If I heard this later I would literally poop my pants

Yo don't make the kids scared unless they live next to a lake it's going to happen tomorrow

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Karen fuck you go to hell😡

Ya I am so sad that you didn’t see it in my life I am so sorry for the confusion and you love you to my family lol I am so sorry bye lol lol I am so sorry bye bye love you bye bye lol bye love you love bye love you baby bye love you love bye love you baby bye love you love bye love ya bye love you love bye love you baby bye love bye love ya ya soon lol lol I am so sorry I didn’t see you lol bye love you bye ( that was my middle space bar)

Mama love 💕 mommy daddy daddy hello kitty 🐈‍⬛ mama daddy daddy mommy daddy daddy mama mommy mama daddy daddy hello kitty 🐱 princess 👑 love 💕 princess 👸🏻 mama mama mommy mommy daddy mommy mama mama dady ) my Metal space barred )

4+4 is 22 lol

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I love children in a drowning bus

How about a bus full of babys

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